Dear Bird Hunter,

Hunters across the country talk about Kansas a “public habitat jackpot.” Are you among them? Our biologists report that farmers are seeing more pheasants than they have in years. Improved habitat, good weather and a delayed wheat harvest provided ideal conditions for pheasant nesting success across much of Kansas. And the prognosis is looking even better for bobwhite quail. That’s why I invite you to Kansas this season. Join us for some outstanding upland game bird hunting.

Check out the reasons Kansas is a favorite destination for wingshooters:

  • Lots of access: Kansas offers more than a million acres of walk-in access hunting. To help plan your hunts and strategize locations, we provide the 2015 Upland Bird Forecast and the Kansas Fall 2015 Walk-In Hunting Access Atlas.
  • Rooster Road Trip imageMixed bag opportunities: Some of Kansas’ public hunting complexes include grass, milo, wooded draws and shelterbelts all in the same area. That’s why Kansas offers the best opportunity in the country for a mixed bag of pheasant and quail.
  • Kansas offers more for hunters: Compared to some other popular hunting destinations, Kansas has longer seasons, cheaper hunting licenses, no sales tax on hunts (which is great for corporate groups) and bigger bag limits.

We love to get out in the field and see our working dogs pointing and flushing upland game. Once we see a little snow on the ground, we get even more excited – because we know it’ll be great for scent-trailing, too. Kansas provides a great habitat for bagging both pheasant and quail. Won’t you join us? Please come to Kansas for a great hunt!


Robin Jennison
Kansas Secretary of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism