Delavan (July 6, 2016) – SportingDog Adventures TV heats things up early as the Crew heads to central Louisiana in this week’s new episode!

On the hunt for teal, Jeff Fuller, Host and Executive Producer, and his three sons join the Haydel family near Lake Charles, Louisiana, for an early season hunt. The Fuller family experiences all of Louisiana’s true traditions: lightning-fast teal, extreme heat, and amazing local food and hospitality.

Thanks to the expert calling and scouting of Louisiana native Kelly Haydel of Haydel’s calls, Jeff and his Crew are put on some amazing teal –and away from some gigantic gators! “It’s no joke hunting the waters of Louisiana,” says Haydel, “Waterfowlers not only have to watch out for themselves, but also for their dogs.” Rising temps stagnant the hunt temporarily, but not for long, and viewers have a chance to see some incredible footage of green-wings in action. Says Fuller: “We don’t hesitate to invest in the best in camera equipment, camera operators, and editors, and our teal footage each year is a living testament to this. We hope our viewers enjoy every minute of it!”

Watch a teaser of this episode here:

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