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Catch Your Social Media Posts and Contest Winners on SportingDog Adventures “Unleashed”!

Delavan (September 29, 2015) – The run-up is finally over! We have selected the winners for our 3rd Annual SportingDog Adventures Social Media Contest! Join us during 4th quarter 2015 for the re-airing of Season 5’s episodes and watch for your social media comments to appear during the show! The funniest, most touching, and most [...]

It’s Duck Camp, Cajun Style!

Delavan (Sept 2, 2015) – This week’s new episode of SportingDog Adventures is filled with local flavor, as the crew travels to Louisiana for duck camp! Jeff Fuller, Host and Executive Producer of the show, packs up his three young sons and the Soggy Acres retrievers and heads to Simmesport, Louisiana where they are hosted [...]

Wild Duck Action on a Windy Saskatchewan Hunt

Delavan (August 27, 2015) – An impromptu mid-day hunt yields a surprising bounty of ducks on this week’s new episode of SportingDog Adventures. After a disappointing early morning hunt in cut corn, the SportingDog crew decides to scout a better location. “Mid-day duck hunts aren’t exactly famous for their results,” says Jeff Fuller, Executive Producer [...]

Mixing Up the Action with Mule Deer on Newest Episode of SportingDog Adventures

Delavan (August 20, 2015) – This week on SportingDog Adventures, big game action dominates, as the crew mixes things up with a mule deer hunt in Hinsdale, Montana, and a classic Whitetail hunt in their home state of Wisconsin. “While we are known on the show for our waterfowl and upland action, we like to [...]

Weather Changes Everything on Kansas Hunt

Delavan (August 12, 2015) – This week’s new episode of SportingDog Adventures features a waterfowl hunt in eastern Kansas. Yes, waterfowling in Kansas, folks! “People have long associated Kansas with great big game hunting,” says Jeff Fuller, Host and Executive Producer of SportingDog Adventures. “But what they don’t often know, is that due to the [...]

South Dakota Delivers Major Bird Action on New Episode of SportingDog Adventures

Delavan (July 28, 2015) – The temps may be low, but the waterfowl and upland action is always hot in South Dakota in late January! Join Jeff Fuller, Shawn Wozniak of MEC Shooting Sports, and the dogs of Soggy Acres Retrievers as they hit the fields around Pierre, South Dakota in the dead of winter. [...]



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