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Whitetail Tracking and Shed Hunting Change Up the Action in Episode 2 of SportingDog Adventures

Delavan (June 23, 2017) –  SportingDog Adventures is taking to the wetlands of Central Wisconsin for some whitetail action in this week’s new episode! This week’s episode showcases the versatility of the Labrador Retriever as Jeff Fuller and his family head out to the new Soggy Acres Signature Lodge in Central Wisconsin for some whitetail [...]

SportingDog Adventures Hits the Field in ROCKY for Season 7

Delavan (May 1, 2017) –  SportingDog Adventures has partnered with Rocky for their camo and footwear needs for Season 7! Long known for their premium quality footwear and clothing for the outdoors, military applications, the job site, and law enforcement, Rocky is excited to be expanding their offerings with the Venator camo layering system. “We [...]

It’s SportingDog Adventures, Cajun Style, on This Week’s New Episode

Delavan (July 6, 2016) – SportingDog Adventures TV heats things up early as the Crew heads to central Louisiana in this week’s new episode! On the hunt for teal, Jeff Fuller, Host and Executive Producer, and his three sons join the Haydel family near Lake Charles, Louisiana, for an early season hunt. The Fuller family [...]

Cabela’s SportingDog Adventures TV Announces 4th Annual Social Media Contest

Delavan (June 30, 2016) – Fire up your Facebook account and log in to your Twitter, because it’s almost time to enter the Cabela’s SportingDog Adventures 4th Annual Social Media contest! All viewers have a chance to see their Twitter and Facebook comments appear on the show on 9 networks, in four countries, and be [...]

Come to Kansas for great pheasant hunting!

Dear Bird Hunter, Hunters across the country talk about Kansas a “public habitat jackpot.” Are you among them? Our biologists report that farmers are seeing more pheasants than they have in years. Improved habitat, good weather and a delayed wheat harvest provided ideal conditions for pheasant nesting success across much of Kansas. And the prognosis [...]

Catch Your Social Media Posts and Contest Winners on SportingDog Adventures “Unleashed”!

Delavan (September 29, 2015) – The run-up is finally over! We have selected the winners for our 3rd Annual SportingDog Adventures Social Media Contest! Join us during 4th quarter 2015 for the re-airing of Season 5’s episodes and watch for your social media comments to appear during the show! The funniest, most touching, and most [...]



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